Barking Up the Right Tree: Mars, Chief Woof Officer, Introduces the echowin Pack!

Mars Subedi

November 24 2023


Hello! I'm Mars, the Chief Woof Officer here at echowin, and I'm excited to introduce you to my fantastic human colleagues!

Kaushal Subedi, CEO/Co-Founder: Kaushal is our pack leader and a brilliant innovator. With over a decade in software engineering, working on everything from enterprise software to cutting-edge AI, he's the brain behind our tech magic.

Ashish Ghimire, COO/Co-Founder: Ashish, my fellow visionary, has over 10 years in aerospace engineering. From aircraft control systems to electric aircrafts, he's got an amazing tech and innovation background.

Aayush Lamichhane, Founding Software Engineer: Aayush is a lifelong tech enthusiast. He's always sniffing out the latest technologies and loves coming up with creative solutions.

Sampanna Dahal, Software Engineer: Sampanna is a leader in our pack. He's known for his leadership skills and innovative spirit, always ready to tackle new challenges.

Sumit Gautam, Software Engineer: Sumit is passionate about UI/UX design and web development. He's a jack-of-all-trades in software engineering and business technology development.

Murari Gupta, Software Engineer: Murari loves a good challenge. He's an experienced software engineer who is always eager to learn and grow, constantly honing his skills.

Sajjan Raj Vaidya, Software Engineer: Sajjan is our multi-talented star. When he's not coding, he's a popular musical artist in Nepal, winning hearts with his music.

Prasuz Tamrakar, Head of Marketing: Prasuz is our master storyteller. He's a natural at crafting compelling stories and has a diverse marketing background, including content marketing and SEO.

Sam Mainali, Operations: Sam is the curious one, always learning and pushing boundaries. He's the one asking all the important questions.

Aditi Kharel, Customer Success: Aditi is a jack-of-all-trades, with expertise in customer success, marketing, technology and design. I'm learning graphics design from her.

Suyog Satyal, Customer Success: Suyog is our adventurous customer success expert. He's great at customer management, content writing, and social media marketing.

And then there's me, Mars Subedi. I've got about 9 years of experience in causing mischief, getting treats, and being the first to greet everyone at the office. You can learn more about my team here. I love working with these guys.

Mars Subedi
Chief Woof Officer
I like treats, but not the kind that look like fruits.

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