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Powerful Workflow Automation

Automate any workflow easily, doesn't matter if you are trying to automate refund requests or route calls dynamically based on criteria.

Versatile Platform

Customer Service

Efficient Call Routing

Pre Screening Callers

Contact Gathering

Replacing IVR (Press 1 for Sales...)

& Many More...
echowin Scenario Builder
Tell your AI agents how to use the knowledge and the scenarios (tools) they have to create a seamless experience for your customers.
Give high level instructions to your agent in terms of what type of persona it should have, how it should respond to certain questions, how it should use the scenarios etc.
Your agent can access information about your business from different sources and answer questions based on that.
Web Pages
Provide links to your website or other sources of information that your agent can use to answer questions from callers
Provide additional questions and answers for your agent to learn from.
Your scenarios are different tools that your AI agent is equipped with to do dynamic things like collecting information from callers, integrating with your systems etc.
Use our interactive templates to build scenarios easily.
Chat with our AI solution developer to build simple scenarios.
Scenario Builder
Create advanced scenarios from scratch using our drag and drop builder.
Test your agent once you have trained it to see how it performs.
Chat with your agent in a test environment to see how it performs calling it.
Configure and customize your agent to work the way you want it to.
Use this section to change the voice, greeting, speed, and other settings for your agent.

Notes & CRM Features

Coming Soon

Contact manager is getting a major upgrade with notes and CRM features. Keep track of your callers and their details.


Coming Soon

Use our pre-built workflow blueprints to get started quickly. Just pick blueprints for your specific industry and customize it to your needs.

Multi Team Management


Manage multiple teams and their scenarios from a single account. Invite your team members.

Google Calendar Integration

Coming Soon

Handle end to end scheduling with Google Calendar integration. Let your callers book appointments with you.

Cubie (Beta)

Talk to our intelligent agent powered by gpt-4-turbo to work together to create scenarios that can handle any use case.

Smart Knowledge Retrieval

Our proprietary knowledge retrieval system uses advanced algorithms to allow your AI agent to respond with the most accurate information.

Interactive Templates (Beta)


Use ready made interactive templates hand picked for specific businesses to get started quickly.

Scenario Builder

Powerful drag and drop builder that let's you connect different tools like sending emails, text messages, asking questions etc. to create powerful workflows that your AI agent can run over the phone.

Text Messages

Send your callers important information like website links, addresses, scheduling links etc via text messages dynamically.

Smart Transfers

Your callers will be transferred to the appropriate department, person or other type of group based on their intent. Say goodbye to pressing 4 for sales.

Location Transfers

Transfer your callers to the location closest to them by asking them for their location and automatically matching them to the closest location.

Management Portal

Get access to easy to use management portal that lets you monitor and train your system easily. Responsive design lets you use it on any device including your phone.

Call Summaries

Get key insights and summary of your calls after they are completed. Use this to monitor your calls, train your agent and improve your customer experience.

Webpage Training

echowin will learn about your business directly from your website, and use that to improve your customer's experience.

State Of The Art AI Engine

Our AI engine orchestrates multiple large language models to enable robust and natural conversations with your callers with minimal latency.

Scalable Infrastructure

Our infrastructure auto scales based on demand and can handle large spikes in call volume without any issues. We also have multiple layers of fault tolerance and redundancy.

Emailed Insights

Get transcripts and summaries of your calls emailed to you, as soon as they are completed.

Custom Instructions

Use custom system instruction prompt to guide your agent just the way you like. You can even give personalities.

Call Logs

Get detailed logs of your calls, including the caller's phone number, duration, and more.

Webhook Integration


Send and receive data from your echowin system to your other systems using webhooks.

HD Audio (Beta)

Your callers will hear high definition crystal clear audio, thanks to our HD audio support. Only available on select carriers.

Parallel Calls

Eliminate hold times with our capability to handle multiple simultaneous calls, amplifying customer satisfaction.

Phone Number

Choose a new number, port your existing one, or forward your calls to us. Regardless of your carrier, we ensure a seamless setup.

Voice Speed

Adjust the speed of your agent's voice to match your brand's identity and enhance your customer's call experience.

Magic Contacts

Never miss an important contact. echowin auto-adds new callers to your contacts, complete with caller ID and details.

Scheduled Scenarios

Plan different responses for different times of the day. Customize call handling to match your business hours.

Natural Conversations

echowin understands your callers just like you would, with the power of generative AI.

Contact Management

Built in contact management to keep track of your callers and their details.

Voice Selection

Pick from over 45+ AI powered voices for your agent. Match the voice to your brand’s identity and enhance your customer’s call experience.

Call Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your call data with our analytics dashboard. Understand your callers better and make informed decisions.

6000+ App Integrations

Integrate with your favorite apps and services with Zapier to automate your workflows and boost productivity.

Virtual Playground

Test your scenarios in our virtual chat based playground before deploying them to your callers.

Live Transcripts

Get real time transcripts of your calls as they happen. Use this to monitor your calls, train your agent and improve your customer experience.

Blocked Numbers

Block unwanted callers from reaching you. echowin will automatically block known spam callers.

Highly Scalable

Harness the limitless scalability, adaptability, and security of our superior call management platform.

Always Available

With our 24/7 answering service, be assured that your customers are always heard, and never missed.

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As a law firm owner, it is difficult to manage the volume of calls we receive daily. echowin provides fast and personal responses to each of our clients. This maintains a healthy attorney client relationship. At the same time, it increases our efficiency when dealing with important calls.
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Delightful Phone Calls

Experience Remarkably Smooth Conversations

Keep your callers happy by removing long hold times and providing delightful resolution times. With full natural language understanding and reasoning, the 'Are you a robot?' question is out of the window.

Powerful Automations

Build Your Dream Workflows with Ease

Just chat with our friendly bot, Cubie, and she'll help you build your dream workflows. No coding required. With our powerful scenario builder, you can build complex workflows in minutes.

Hello, thank you for calling Violet Apartments, how can I help you?

Complete Transparency

Powerful Analytics & Dynamic Transcripts

Stay on top of each call with live transcripts that update dynamically, providing an unabridged view of your customer interactions. Combined with in-depth analytics and call summaries, you're equipped with all the tools required to make data-driven decisions.


Seamless Training

Get up and running in minutes

You don't need to spend hours training your AI agent. echowin agents learn from your existing knowledgebase and website automatically.

Your dedicated AI solutions developer, Cubie is always there to help you instantly design complex workflows without writing a single line of code. With our powerful flow designer called Scenario Builder, you can automate any workflow that your business needs.

Instant Setup



Get a new number or forward your existing one. Keep the current carrier and just forward calls to us, or transfer the number to us.



Teach your AI agent about your business using your website or references, and configure your workflows by talking to Cubie or using Scenario Builder.



That's it, you're done! Your calls will now be answered by our AI agent. You can monitor calls, see live transcripts, and more.

Live Call

Real-Time Call Transcripts

Experience effortless call management with echowin's live transcripts. Track your conversations in real time via our intuitive client portal that also works on mobile devices, always staying in tune with your client's needs and concerns. Stay updated, stay ahead.

Your Partner For The AI Revolution

Unlock the full potential of AI for your business with echowin – the premium AI call answering platform that keeps you connected to your clients around the clock. Save time, money, and monitor performance with actionable insights delivered right to you. Experience seamless AI-powered efficiency today!

Unlimited Integration

Personalized Responses

Workflow Automation

Insightful Analytics

Diverse Industry Applications

Artificial Intelligence

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