Behind The Scenes of Dhaulagiri: A Peek Into the Future of AI-Powered Business Communications

Kaushal Subedi

July 29 2023


In the heart of every innovation lies a story of transformation, a tale of lessons learned, and a journey of relentless evolution. Today, I am thrilled to share our own journey as we unveil Dhaulagiri, our new AI-powered phone call management platform. 

Just last year in November, we embarked on a journey to revolutionize business communication with echowin. Little did we know that our vision would garner such a tremendous response. The interest in our product exceeded our expectations, and we are grateful for the trust and feedback that has fueled our growth.

Our first-generation platform was a stepping stone, a learning curve that helped us understand the intricacies of the industry and the unique needs of our customers. It became clear that some of our initial technology choices were not the perfect fit for the challenges we aimed to address. This realization was the catalyst for the creation of Dhaulagiri.

Building a platform like echowin is no small feat. It's like piecing together a complex jigsaw puzzle, where every piece must fit perfectly. Dhaulagiri consists of four major components, each designed to address a specific aspect of business communication.

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Firstly, we focused on the voice understanding layer. We joined forces with industry leaders to ensure top-notch voice understanding and transcription services. This technology is still in its infancy, but we're excited about the potential it holds and look forward to rolling out more features in the coming months.

The second component is the core engine of echowin, the heart that answers your phone calls. We've given our core engine a major overhaul, introducing a new architecture designed to handle phone calls just like a human would. At the heart of this engine, we've incorporated the state-of-the-art GPT-4 model, which outperforms humans in many tasks. We're also experimenting with other large language models like Google’s Palm 2, which promises to further enhance our engine’s capabilities. This is our long term platform that we are excited to refine and evolve over the coming months.

We heard your feedback loud and clear on the latency issues with our first platform. We've made significant strides in reducing response times, enabling your AI agent to respond almost instantly. Large language models are computation heavy and need to run on huge supercomputers and take a lot of time. We were able to apply some novel techniques to cut this time down, even in a real-time system. This was made possible by some breakthroughs from our engineering team.

The third component is the voice output layer. We've partnered with industry leaders to generate more natural-sounding voices, fully created by neural networks with human-like precision. We're also exploring the possibility of custom voices, allowing business owners to use their own voice or a voice model’s voice for their phone calls.

The fourth and final component is the online platform. We've reimagined and rebuilt it from the ground up to be fast, user-friendly, and flexible. Our new no-code flow builder, Scenario Builder, empowers business owners to create custom conversation flows for different scenarios. We've introduced new features like Magic Contacts, and there are many other changes that we're excited for you to discover.

We understand that business owners need to stay mobile. Hence, we've made sure that our platform is 100% mobile-friendly, allowing you to monitor your phone calls and configure your AI agents on the go. We've also revamped our onboarding experience to be more seamless and less time-consuming.

Our website has also undergone a facelift, reflecting our evolving brand. We are focusing our efforts in providing more guides, screencasts and other resources to help you get up to speed with echowin in no time.

In conclusion, we're incredibly grateful to our hardworking team that has made Dhaulagiri a reality. This is just the beginning. We're committed to continually refining our platform and enhancing its capabilities. Our immediate focus is on improving conversation flow, enhancing speech understanding capabilities, and providing more guides and resources to help you get started. 

We have a lot more exciting announcements lined up in the coming months. We want to extend our heartfelt thanks for your invaluable feedback and suggestions that have pushed us to innovate and create a product that we believe will redefine the future of business communications. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible with AI-powered business communications.

If you have not tried echowin yet, there is no better time than now. Get started now, and experience the future of business communications.

Kaushal Subedi
CEO / Lead Engineer
I like tech, motorcycles and nature, and a few other things.

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