How long does it take to train the agent?

Training your agent with echowin is a fast and straightforward process. Firstly, you need to provide the necessary knowledge base for the agent to respond to callers' questions. You can add 'References,' which consist of question-and-answer pairs about your product, business, policies, operations, etc. Alternatively, if this information is already on your website, you can add those web pages, and with a simple click of a button, your agent will learn everything. You could also combine references and web pages to cover all bases.

Second, to train your agent to execute workflows along with integrations, simply chat with 'Cubie,' your AI solutions developer. For instance, if you want your agent to collect the caller's name, order number, and date of purchase, and then send this information to your email every time they ask for a refund, just explain this workflow to Cubie. Cubie will automatically create a scenario so that whenever a caller requests a refund, the agent will ask for all the necessary information, collect it, and send it to your email. The duration of training your agent can vary, but it can often be completed in minutes, depending on the complexity of the tasks you need to teach. 


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