After seeing countless customer interactions for various businesses, we have found out that greeting is a lot more than just a greeting! 

It sets up the tone and flow of conversation and sets the expectations for the interactions to follow. 

“I am Ella, an intelligent business representative for Boulder Legal Group. You can ask me anything. How may I help you today?”

The greeting above get your customer to interact with Ella and let her help them to the best of her abilities as compared to:

“This is Boulder Legal group. How may I help you?”

The second one may prompt your callers to start yelling “human” before the greeting even ends as they do not know the difference between your echowin agent and other phone systems.  

(Don’t worry! Immediately upon hearing "human", Ella will transfer it to you or get a message and email it to you or text your business partner or do whatever you have asked her to do! You will be able to setup a scenario to handle transfers and a lot more)

GreetingsGreeting also gives you the opportunity to share about your new launch, changes in business hours, or anything critical that you don’t want your customer to miss! 

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As a law firm owner, it is difficult to manage the volume of calls we receive daily. echowin provides fast and personal responses to each of our clients. This maintains a healthy attorney client relationship. At the same time, it increases our efficiency when dealing with important calls.
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