Scenario Builder

Our powerful no-code builder capable of handling any conversation flow.
Your First Scenario
Designing your first scenario using the Scenario Builder.
Collect and handle dynamic data within your scenarios.
Evaluate Tool
Use the power of GPT-4 to evaluate any input to dynamically guide the caller.
Cubie is an AI-powered solutions developer that will help you automatically generate scenarios based on your requirements.
Smart Transfer Tool
Transfer calls to different departments or departments intelligently based on the caller's intent or needs.
AI Prompt Tool
Use AI to dynamically generate things within a scenario.
Call Webhook Tool
Use the power of webhooks to allow your AI agent to interact with external APIs.
Create CRM Note Tool
Seamlessly integrate customer interactions into your CRM by dynamically creating and attaching rich notes to contacts through scenarios.
Transfer Tool
Transfer calls seamlessly to ensure a effective call routing experience for callers.
Ask Question Tool
Have your AI agent ask questions to your customers and store their responses for better visibility of user communication
Hang Up Tool
Hang up calls from within a scenario.
Send Text
Send texts to your callers or specific numbers during a phone call.
Send Email
Send emails during a phone call.
Switch Scenario
Switch between different scenarios from within the Scenario Builder.
Scheduling Appointments with Google Calendar
Schedule appointment with your clients throught phone calls using echowin's Google calendar integration
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