What You Need To Know About AGI As A Business Owner

Aditi Kharel

December 15 2023

AI Landscape
Lately, there has been a lot of buzz around AGI since the leak of Q-Star(Q*), OpenAI's latest model under development. Questions about whether or not it is AGI have been popping up. Every day, many groundbreaking AI tools get launched, so why is there particular anxiety around AGI? We’ll look at some of the questions one might have about AGI and what its eventual release would mean for business owners.

What is AGI?

"Feel the AGI." OpenAI employees have been echoing this phrase for a while. But what exactly does it mean? AGI, or Artificial General Intelligence, is described by OpenAI as "autonomous systems that outperform humans in most economically valuable tasks." Hold on a moment. The definition may seem ambiguous, but allow me to explain these 'tasks' to you.

Economically Valuable Tasks:

  • Professional Expertise: Emphasizing specialized knowledge and decision-making skills in sectors like law, finance, medicine, and engineering
  • Creative Expression: Where originality and innovation play a central role. Examples: Art, music, writing, and other creative endeavors, 
  • Scientific and Technological Advancement: Research contributing to scientific discovery and technological progress.
  • Leadership and Decision-Making: Management roles in organizations, including strategy formulation, resource allocation, and high-level decision-making.
  • Operational Excellence: Roles in manufacturing, data analysis, IT, customer service, sales, education, logistics, transportation, and healthcare services.

Hmm, haven’t AI tools been doing this anyway?

While AI has automated many mundane tasks and been helpful in creative processes, it can’t ‘think’ on its own. Have you ever asked ChatGPT to solve a complex numerical problem only to be disappointed by an incorrect answer? (Guilty!) That’s because the model generates each subsequent word in the response by making a guess based on the preceding words. To put it simply, it’s just forming responses that make sense. And it has been brilliant at doing it, so we think AI tools based on such models can ‘think’ independently.

But how is AGI going to be different? 

They’ll be able to solve complex mathematical problems and perform large amounts of computation. It will have the ability to self-replicate and make decisions. Now, a question arises: Can AGI create a more intelligent version of itself, given its superiority to humans? If you've seen Iron Man, Ultron is what people fear AGI might become. It is a sort of gray area, and this is why there are so many debates on the capabilities of AGI. However, there’s no doubt that it isn’t here yet. And just like me, anyone is free to speculate.

How will AGI affect my tech product?

It’s only natural that technologies keep getting advanced with time. But that has never stopped businesses from blooming. They thrive when you do things right. And by doing things right, I mean adopting the new technology. Let’s say you are a tech company, and your product is a note-taking app. You’ll only sustain if you can incorporate AGI Voice Notes with translation in your language. Say the AGI is so advanced that it can even generate complicated medical diagrams accurately based on Voice Notes. I’m going based on assumptions here. But whatever the AGI offers, you add it to your platform and then enhance it. That’s the only way you stand out with thousands of tech tools like yours.

But… my business doesn’t even involve technology…

It’s natural to feel out of the loop if you don’t belong to a tech background. You’re a millennial who loves to crochet, and that’s your small business. Where does technology even fit? Well, even when a new social media app is released, we try it just to stay relevant, right? “Yeah, Threads was good, but nothing beats Twitter.” You might have your own opinion on it, but now you know why it works or doesn’t work for you. It’s the same with AI, except it has a higher chance of working for your business.
Businesses like these have it easier than tech startups. Creating an entire AGI-powered crocheting robot can be more costly and challenging compared to developing software products. Your business only needs advanced marketing and customer service tools. All you need to do is to learn how to use the AI tools in other services you provide. You could be smart about the payment services you provide, the call management product you use, and the analytics tools. If you don’t use the technology, someone else will, and that’s how they take your customers.

Where do I begin?

Take your first step by learning about the powerful AI tools like echowin that are already available. In our previous blogs, we’ve already mentioned which AI tools can help law firms and startups with small teams. We plan to continue providing value and introduce you to the latest AI tools that can help your business. Feel free to explore other tools as well. When you are selecting tech products, you must find the best fit for your business. Let these blogs serve as your starting point in this exploration.
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