Announcing Dhaulagiri - Next Generation Platform Taking Your Conversations To New Heights

Aayush Lamichhane

July 12 2023


Customer service platforms can be quite the maze. A little tweak here, an adjustment there - next thing you know, you're in the thick of it all.

But this summer, we're all about simplicity - your feedback has inspired us, and we're here to make the heart of echowin even better for you.

We're stoked to take you through the latest updates!

Presenting Our Most Powerful Platform Yet!

Introducing our new platform, codenamed Dhaulagiri, after one of the tallest mountains in the world. Dhaulagiri is a quantum leap in our journey towards the ultimate customer service solution.

Working on echowin

We can't claim to offer the ultimate customer service solution if setting up your service flow feels like rocket science, right? So, give a big welcome to Dhaulagiri, masterminded by our amazing team, based on your feedback.

Take Charge with the Scenario Builder!

With the new platform, you're the maestro of every conversation. Scenario Builder is our new design studio that lets you create seamless, AI-driven conversation flows tailored to your vision, turning every phone call into a success story.

We've always been all ears: "How can echowin be the ultimate customer service tool?" With the new platform, we're on our way.

Revved-up Engine Improvements!

Our pursuit of excellence continues with the exciting upgrade to our engine. Designed to take your customer service experience to new heights, we're blending the best of AI and human touch to create conversational experiences so genuine, your customers might forget they're talking to an AI!

We've supercharged the platform with the addition of state of the art AI models like GPT-4 and PaLM 2 to our robust arsenal. These advanced models ensure an enhanced understanding of customer queries and a steadfast focus on task completion, harmoniously interacting with the entire system for a flawless customer service experience.

Business Oversight Made Easy!

echowin is engineered to tackle a big problem: taking care of customer calls and inquiries. But once everything's shipshape, how do you keep an eye on the most crucial customer interactions? echowin ensures you’re always in the loop. Experience live transcripts with every ring, providing real-time adaptability as your clients converse, giving total visibility of each phone call.

Customer management just got even easier! With each customer call, echowin automatically populates your new Address Book with their contact information whenever available. It almost feels like magic ✨.

What's on the Horizon?

As we advance, it's important to match our offerings with the value they bring. As such, we will be updating our pricing structure to reflect the increased power and capabilities of the echowin platform. More on this soon!

Expect more robust defenses in our fight against bot calls and spam, giving you peace of mind and a smoother customer service experience. We're also turning up the dial on business insights with advanced analytics, empowering you to understand your business better and make data-driven decisions.

And that's not all! The Scenario Builder will be receiving new tools, expanding your capability to create intricate and effective conversation flows. Keep an eye out for these exciting enhancements and many more thrilling announcements on the way. The future of echowin promises to deliver greater value, stronger features, and continual innovation. Stay tuned!


Whether it's onboarding glitches or setup confusions, there’s nothing more disheartening than a potential user saying, “I just don’t get it!”. That's why we are whipping up a slew of improvements to make echowin more user-friendly, including a slicker setup process, a streamlined user experience, and easy-peasy access to your favorite features.

Quite a summer at echowin, eh? Building a customer service platform like echowin is an exciting journey, but it also calls for careful planning and meticulous execution. It's always fun to cook up and roll out new features, but we find just as much joy in refining what we've already got. That's the echowin way.

A massive thank you to all of you for your insightful feedback. We’re all ears and continually fine-tuning echowin — your voice truly counts.

If echowin is still on your wishlist, now's the time to act. Whether you're curious about our new platform or ready to revamp your business customer service, we welcome you to join us and try Dhaulagiri.

The future of customer service is here, and we're excited to have you on this journey.

Here's to an amazing summer!

Aayush Lamichhane
Founding Software Engineer
Tech Lover, Musician, Thinker

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