Small Business, Big Dreams: How AI Can Transform Your Venture

Aditi Kharel

October 9 2023


"A big business starts small”. But how can small businesses make it big with limited resources and only a handful of people on their team? This is where AI helps SMEs as it can be anything you want, from a thought partner to a video editor to a product designer, or salesman... You get the point.

With thousands of AI tools available, businesses should keep up and use these technologies for their profit. It takes a lot of trying and testing to find the perfect tools that are easy to work with and perfectly deliver your brand values. But if you don’t know where to start, we have come up with a pretty solid list of some affordable tools you can try.

AI for Marketing

Step up your content creation game in marketing. You might be missing out on areas just because you don’t have enough human resources. Marketing is not just email writing and newsletters, but also improving SEO, blog writing, and more niche tasks like content research, and finding the right brand voice.

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Here are some tools to get you started with:


Sure, there are a ton of AI tools for creating content. But you must train them many times, make edits, and monitor the output to fit your brand voice. Jasper was made specifically for businesses, so it performs far better when it comes to creating content that sounds like you. It is one of the best tools of 2023 for creating newsletters, social media content, and blog articles.

Beacons AI:

Since Jasper lies on the bit expensive side, especially for small businesses, you might consider trying Beacons AI which can also customize your brand voice. It is perfect for creating pitches and personalized emails for your business.

AI for Video Editing

87% of marketers say video editing has helped them drive their sales. It is a great way to connect with your audience, deliver, and gain traction towards your products.

However, a common mistake small businesses make is not producing enough promotional videos. Through AI tools, you don’t have to worry about video editing taking too long. 

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Check out these video editing tools:


Lumen5 processes your script, generates AI-based voiceovers, identifies scene transitions, and selects relevant stock media. With just a single click after inputting your script, you receive a complete, ready-to-publish video.


You must be familiar with CapCut, a beginner-friendly video editing tool. Well, it also has some AI features like auto-captioning, text-to-speech, and script-to-video. Although the script-to-video feature can be made better, it does a decent job of turning your script into a video with a narrator and stock images and videos or your own provided content. And it is free if you have a TikTok account!

AI for Call Management

Building good relations with customers is important for your business to sustain. These relations are built through continuous technical support and call assistance.  However, customer care also requires a team dedicated just to that.  As an SME, you are probably already working with a small team and have limited resources. What you need is a tool that can manage calls for you, while also being efficient and elevating the customer experience.

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These are our top picks for you:

Dialpad :

Dialpad is a business communications and customer care platform, where team members can collaborate, contact clients, and help customers. You can call or chat with its Dialpad Ai and set up meetings.

echowin :

echowin is a call management tool beneficial particularly for businesses. Like Dialpad, it offers calls with AI agents, and customized scenarios you want the agents to handle. echowin also provides you with call summaries of the customers that help you identify customers’ pain points, understand the FAQs, and eventually recognize the areas you need to work on. echowin provides outbound texting with callers and an AI workflow builder; this sets it apart from other platforms. We obviously recommend you try echowin!


While there might be countless businesses similar to yours, what sets you apart is your ability to utilize the latest technology and keep up with trends. Using AI tools is not just an option anymore; it is mandatory. We suggest exploring these tools and seeing how the ROI changes over time. If you don’t see your preferred tool in the list, let us know at [email protected]. We’re enthusiastic about trying new tools.


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