Automate Questionnaires Via Phone Calls With AI

Sampanna Dahal

December 7 2023


In today's dynamic business environment, managing calls efficiently and gathering valuable information from callers is paramount. One of the most popular implementations of echowin is to conduct caller questionnairesIn this guide, we'll explore how to harness the power of echowin's AI call answering for effective questionnaire administration within your call system.  

When do you need questionnaires?

Imagine this scenario: you are a law firm specializing in personal injury defense litigation. You receive hundreds of customer calls every day. Most of your incoming calls can be potential clients seeking legal representation. However, you need a lot more information before making sure they are legitimate claims. Questionnaires can be your strategic ally in transforming each call answering scenario into an opportunity for efficient data collection and client screening.  

Why echowin? 

echowin is not just a call answering software—it is a comprehensive AI-powered platform that lets you design and streamline your business’ call management processes. One of echowin’s standout features is the capability to seamlessly incorporate and execute caller questionnaires, making it an invaluable tool for businesses seeking to collect data and insights directly from their audience. 

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Sign up for an echowin account 

Begin by creating an echowin account. Once registered, you'll gain access to an array of features designed to enhance your call answering capabilities. Create your own AI agent to represent your business, configuring its attributes such as voice, greeting, time zone, etc. 

2. Create an Agent Scenario 

Inside your echowin portal, locate the dedicated Agent page. Within your agent page, make sure to navigate to Scenarios and create a new Scenario. Scenarios allow you to create, customize, and deploy many customizable features, including questionnaires, as part of your call answering strategy. 

3. Integrate Scenario into Call Flow 

You need to name your Scenario appropriately so that your AI agent knows when to invoke a questionnaire. It can be something like “When a caller talks about needing an injury defense lawyer. This naming convention lets you seamlessly integrate questionnaires to your call answering flow.

Naming your scenario

4. Design Your Questionnaire 

Craft a questionnaire tailored to your specific needs. Utilize echowin’s intuitive interface to add various tasks such as Ask Question, Speak and Evaluate. Consider the goals of your survey and structure questions accordingly. 

Here is an example on how to design your echowin questionnaire.

You can ask the caller's location using the AskQuestion task:
Asking for the caller's location

You can use the Evaluate task to judge if the client is within US or Canada: Evaluating the user's response

If the Evaluate task judges the caller to be outside of US and Canada, you can design a response using the Speak task:Responding when the caller is outside of your country

If your agent evaluates the caller to be within the US or Canada, you can design an elaborate set of questions as part of your questionnaire: An overview of the questionnaire scenario

And voila! You have successfully designed a smart, AI-powered questionnaire for your echowin calls.

5. Test in Playground 

Prior to launching your questionnaire on a larger scale, conduct thorough testing. Utilize your agent’s playground to experience the questionnaire from the caller's perspective. This step ensures a smooth and effective survey process.

The following image shows a playground simulation of our scenario:Simulating your call in playground

6. Implement in Live Environment 

Once satisfied with the configuration and testing, deploy your questionnaire in a live environment. You can do this by turning on your scenario. Use the “Conversations” page to monitor real-time calls and gather valuable insights from your callers. 


echowin's AI call management solution empowers businesses to not only manage calls efficiently but also gather crucial information through integrated caller questionnaires. By following the steps outlined in this guide and incorporating best practices, you can harness the full potential of echowin for a more intelligent and data-driven approach to call management. 

Unlock the capabilities of echowin today and revolutionize your call processes with integrated, AI-driven caller questionnaires! Sign up now to elevate your business' call management with echowin.

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