Getting Started

Welcome to echowin's getting started guide. We will explore some of the key concepts required for you to get up and running with our platform.

Before you get started, you should know that there are little information bubbles all over the platform containing useful nuggets of information, guides and examples. Simply hover over them to learn more.

Info Bubble

Agent Configuration

You can start configuring your AI agent by clicking on “Agent” tab on the left side of your platform and clicking on your business name. 


You can always use the configure button on top right in order to configure agent greeting and voice.Configure Button


References are question answer pairs in free form text about your business, operation, product, services, policies, and anything else you want your agent to refer to while answering your customer calls. If there are certain things that you don’t want your agent to answer, simply don’t add those and your agent will respond that it does not have the information 

Clear and unambiguous questions and answers will train your agent better. If you have an extensive list of questions and answers (more than 100), let us know and we will upload those all at once for you. We are also working on features and tools to let you upload your documents directly as well as populate your reference using your website. To add a reference, simply click “Add Reference” button and populate with question-and-answer set. Hit “Save” on the bottom to save. 

Example References 

Q: What are your business hours?

A: We are open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday. We are closed on weekends.  

Q: How much does it cost for an hour of your legal consultation?

A: The cost of consultation depends on the type of legal consultation and who is providing it. It ranges anywhere from $ 150 –250 per hour. 

Q: What is your return policy on items purchased online?

A: Items purchased online can be returned to get a full refund for up-to 30 days. Returned items should be unused and in good condition for us to issue refunds. 

Remember that your do not have to repeat the same question to cover ways your caller may ask the question. You agent is intelligent! When needed, it will combine multiple references to answer your caller.

Scenario Builder 

Scenario Builder is a unique super power we developed for our customers!

This helps you integrate the calls into your business seamlessly. It will help you organize and distribute customer inquiries and requests to best align with your business. It will help you delegate tasks as the call happens to your team members and staff. It will generate leads for you 24-7. It will notify you about critical call by routing it to you or texting you the summary of customer request or leave you alone. The beauty is that you get to define and design it.  

How do I build my scenarios?

Lets take a look at a scenario for “Boulder Legal Group” to understand how a scenario is built and how it works. 

Screenshot 2023 08 21 at 4.53.40 Pm

In this case, whenever Ella (agent) recognizes that the caller needs legal help with traffic related violations, it will start by letting the caller know that it will ask a few questions before routing the call to someone who can help (speak). It will ask for the caller's name (ask question) and summary of the issue (2nd ask question). It will package the two responses and email it to a legal team member and then route the call to a staff member.  

Steps to create scenarios for your business

  • On the top right corner of Scenario Builder section, click "Add Scenarios"
  • Next, clearly describe your scenario in the “Name” space. 
  • You will be able to schedule when this scenario is activated. You can use this to optimize your after-hour operation and shift changes and a lot more use cases. 

Screenshot 2023 08 21 at 10.34.26 Pm

  • Next, you will see the design space for scenarios with "Scenario Starts" block.
  • By clicking add button on the top right of the space, you can access tools such as "Ask Question" "transfer" , "send text" etc. This list of tool is growing. 
  • You can start connecting these tools (blocks) one by one by clicking on the circle on the sides of the blocks and dragging the mouse cursor to the circle of another block. This connection determines the flow or events left to right.

Screenshot 2023 08 23 at 12.13.18 Am

  • For instance, for your scenario named "when the caller wants to be transferred",  if you want to collect their name and phone number before transferring the call to your business partner,
    • Add a "Ask question" block. Inside the block, enter the question" Could you please provide your name and contact phone number?". 
    • Screenshot 2023 08 23 at 12.16.52 Am
    • Connect the "Ask Question" block to  the right of "Scenario starts" block by connecting the two circles with a line.
    • Similarly, add "Transfer" block. Enter your business partner's phone number inside the block . You can leave the pre-transfer message as is or change it.
    • Screenshot 2023 08 23 at 12.19.28 Am
    • This completes your scenario setup.
    • Quickly call your number and test. You can ask to be transferred, or 'talk to a peron' or 'representative' etc.

This tool is capable of solving endless use cases and unique business needs. A different guide will go in depth for setting up scenario builder for various use cases. If you have any questions and need help with setting up your agent,  please reach out to us at [email protected]

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