Comparing AI Phone Call Systems: echowin vs Grasshopper

Aditi Kharel

January 10 2024


How competitive do you think the call management service industry for businesses is? In business communication, selecting the right call management system is important for enhancing customer experiences and streamlining operations. At echowin, we believe in prioritizing customer experience and continually refining our platform to be both user-friendly and efficient.

And today, we’ll closely look at Grasshopper, a well-known call management system.

Understanding the Grasshopper platform

What it is

Grasshopper is tailored as a virtual phone system explicitly designed for businesses. It seamlessly integrates a business number and virtual phone system into personal phones, offering features like customizable greetings and call management.

These are the key features Grasshopper provides:

  1. Desktop + Mobile Apps: Stay connected and manage calls on the go with user-friendly apps.

  2. Business Texting: Enhance communication with customers through text messages.

  3. Call Forwarding: Ensure calls are directed to the right personnel for prompt responses.

  4. VoIP + Wi-Fi Calling: Enable voice-over-internet protocol for cost-effective calling.

  5. Voicemail Transcription: Convert voicemails into readable text for quick understanding.

  6. Virtual Receptionist: Use a virtual receptionist to guide callers to the right department.

  7. Instant Response: Provide quick automated responses to customer queries.

What it is NOT

While Grasshopper excels with a dedicated customer service team, it may fall short when dealing with high call volumes. Some limitations include:

Here are some deal-breakers that Grasshopper lacks:

  1. Instant Customized Response: While Grasshopper provides Instant Responses, it is the generic “We’ll get back to you” message even when a customer is asking the most basic questions like whether a donut shop is selling donuts. 

  2. Smart Call Transfers: While businesses can choose a few departments where the calls can be transferred, it’s usually a hassle when it keeps getting transferred 2-3 times before your query is answered. Grasshopper can’t smartly transfer your calls to the right person based on what you’re asking.

While there are other things Grasshopper can do better in, let’s first look into what echowin provides and compare the two platforms.

Understanding the echowin platform 

echowin is an AI powered call management platform that handles your calls intelligently and efficiently. You can choose a virtual number for your business, let AI agents answer calls for your business, create scenarios for when the call needs to be transferred and so on.

The key features of echowin are:

  1. Outbound Texts: Dynamically send important information via text messages.

  2. Post Conversation Analytics: Gain insights and summaries of calls after completion.

  3. Connect Your Web Pages: Leverage website information to enhance customer experiences.

  4. Cubie: Engage with an intelligent agent powered by GPT-4 to create versatile scenarios.

  5. Emailed Insights: Receive call transcripts and summaries promptly via email.

  6. Automatic Contact Updates: Never miss an important contact with automatic additions to your contacts.

  7. Scheduled Scenarios: Plan responses based on different times of the day for efficient call handling.

  8. Insightful Call Analytics: Optimize strategies based on live transcripts, call analytics, and customer behavior.

echowin is more useful for business owners who wish to efficiently answer customer calls without a dedicated team for it. With its powerful AI and Zapier integrations, businesses can almost do anything  in the call management domain. 

However, certain things that need to be improved are:

  1. Text Conversations: echowin’s AI receptionist can’t directly send text messages to callers. It’s a feature that’s coming soon on the platform.

  2. Intuitive Usage: While the platform is really powerful, users might still find it difficult to navigate the platform and understand some of the features. A dedicated course just to explain echowin to you will soon be available.


Let's look at some more features of both platforms.

Echowin Vs Grasshopper

What should you choose?

While both Grasshopper and echowin offer valuable features, echowin's AI-powered approach brings a new dimension to call management. With features such as outbound texts, post-conversation analytics, and intelligent interactions, echowin caters to businesses seeking not only efficiency but also a personalized and dynamic customer experience. In the competitive call management service domain, echowin emerges as a frontrunner, continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible in intelligent and customer-centric communication. 

Stay tuned for more in our comparative series as we explore the unique strengths of echowin in the evolving world of business communication.

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