Is AI The Future? How AI Is Going To Revolutionize The Way We Do Business

Kaushal Subedi

May 5 2023

AI Landscape

In a world where AI and its applications are becoming increasingly widespread, it's no wonder that most people feel like they're on the outside looking in. With the power of AI concentrated in the hands of skilled engineers at large tech companies, the rest of us are left feeling like spectators in the grand AI show. But what if we could put the power of AI in the hands of everyone, from small business owners to everyday individuals? That's the dream that's quickly becoming a reality, thanks to the democratization of artificial intelligence.

Think about it: a few centuries ago, most people couldn't read or write. The few who could were considered the "high priests" of literacy, the keepers of knowledge. Fast forward to today, and widespread literacy has revolutionized the world. Similarly, by democratizing access to AI, we can build a richer, more inclusive society where everyone has the tools they need to succeed.

The problem with AI today is that it's expensive to build and maintain, especially for small businesses. Sure, large tech companies can afford to create AI systems that serve hundreds of millions of users, but what about the little guys? Take, for example, a local bakery that's struggling to keep up with customer demands. They have valuable data on which pastries sell best at different times of the day or week, but they can't afford to hire an AI team to make sense of it all.

Enter the new era of AI development platforms. These platforms are designed to be more accessible and user-friendly than traditional coding, enabling anyone to create AI systems by focusing on providing data rather than writing lines of code. Imagine the bakery owner using an AI platform to analyze their sales data and identify which pastries to bake more of on certain days. Or a florist using AI to predict which flowers will be in high demand for the upcoming holiday season. By democratizing AI, we can empower small business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals to create their own AI systems tailored to their specific needs.

The potential applications are vast and varied: a local farm using AI to monitor the health of their crops, an auto mechanic predicting which parts will need replacing soon, or a teacher creating personalized lesson plans based on each student's learning style. The possibilities are endless, and the benefits of AI will be felt across all sectors of society.

It's true that we may not yet fully understand the impact that democratizing AI will have on the world. However, by making AI accessible to all, we can ensure that the wealth and opportunities created by AI are distributed more evenly across society. Just as widespread literacy transformed the world centuries ago, so too will the democratization of AI change the world for the better.

The era of AI for all is coming, and it promises to be an exciting and empowering time for everyone. So, buckle up and get ready to ride the wave of AI democratization – who knows where it will take us? 

Kaushal Subedi
CEO / Lead Engineer
I like tech, motorcycles and nature, and a few other things.

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