Magic Contacts

In the bustling landscape of business, it's crucial to keep tabs on every potential lead, client, or customer that reaches out to you. That's where echowin’s Magic Contacts comes into play.

What are Magic Contacts?

Magic Contacts are a standout feature of the echowin platform. Each time your business gets a call from a new phone number, echowin automatically recognizes and adds it to your 'Contacts'. This automatic addition includes the caller ID and other relevant details of your caller.

Why are they 'Magic'?

They're 'magic' because they lighten your workload. Think of them as your diligent office assistant that constantly updates your contact list without needing to be instructed. With Magic Contacts, manual data entry becomes a thing of the past.

What's the benefit?

Having an auto-updated contact list, you have quick and easy access to all your business call data. It allows for improved customer service, seamless follow-ups, and a better understanding of your customer base.

How do I use them?

The best part is, you don't have to 'use' them. Magic Contacts work quietly in the background, sorting out your contacts while you focus on the bigger tasks at hand.

With Magic Contacts, echowin simplifies one more aspect of your day-to-day business communication, keeping you organized and always ready for the next call.

That's the magic of echowin!

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As a small law firm owner, it is difficult to manage the volume of calls we receive daily. echowin provides fast and personal responses to each of our clients. This maintains a healthy attorney client relationship. At the same time, it increases our efficiency when dealing with important calls.
Elliott Lipinsky
Law Offices Of Elliott Owen Lipinsky
Attorney For Selma and Montgomery, Alabama
I used to have a hard time juggling between helping my clients and picking up calls. echowin has helped me to focus on my clients without worrying about missing calls.
Suna Sapkota
Sai Eyebrow Designer
Local Business in Boulder, Colorado

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