Best Practices

Here are some best practices, including tips directly from our most successful users:

1) Intelligent Agent Identification:

During the greeting, make it clear to the caller they're talking to an intelligent agent. This sets the context and encourages the caller to communicate effectively.

2) Clarity in References:

When writing your references, imagine you're instructing a new employee. Be clear, concise, and direct – this helps your AI agent learn faster and work better.

3) Diversify Scenarios:

Consider all the different types of calls you might receive and create diverse scenarios accordingly. This helps in handling a wide range of calls proficiently.

4) Regular Review:

Regularly review the live transcripts and make necessary updates to your references and scenarios. This ensures that the AI continues to learn and improve.

5) Caller Journey Mapping:

Walk through your caller’s journey. Check all the touchpoints from the caller’s perspective to understand and improve their overall experience.

Remember, the goal of echowin is to provide a top-notch calling experience for your customers, while making your business operations smoother and more efficient. These practices will help you get there!

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