International User Setup

Since we launched, we have been offering our services in the US and Canada. We recently expanded to UK, Mexico, Chile and Argentina. If you are an international business that wants to leverage the power of echowin, this guide will help you integrate echowin with your international phone number.

Step 1 : Sign up for echowin

Sign up for the echowin platform and get a phone number from one of the countries mentioned above.

Step 2: Choose a Virtual Phone Service with International Forwarding

Select a virtual phone service that supports international call forwarding. 

We recommend:
Global Call Forwarding

Feel free to do your own research and find one that works for you.

Step 3: Sign Up for the Virtual Phone Service

Visit the website of your chosen virtual phone service.

Sign up for an account by providing the required information, such as your name, email address, and business details.

Step 4: Obtain a virtual number in your country

After registering, log in to your new virtual phone service account.

Look for an option to obtain a virtual number with your country code. Some services offer these as part of their standard offerings.

If you want a toll-free number (e.g., 1-800), check if the service provides this option. If available, we recommend the toll-free number.

Step 5: Set Up Call Forwarding

Forward your virtual phone number to your echowin phone number. Forwarding instructions depend on the provider, please refer to their official documentation for detailed instructions.

Step 6: Test the Call Forwarding

Using a local phone, call your virtual number. Ensure that the call is correctly forwarded to your echowin number.

Step 7: Enjoy access to the best AI phone management system

With access to echowin, you and your esteemed customers gain unparalleled access to a world of innovation. Experience real time call monitoring, live transcript, and harness the power of state of the art generative AI technology. This remarkable advancement not only enhances your operational efficiency but also leads to substantial cost savings, paving the way for a truly magnificent business transformation.


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