If you are familiar with programming or math, you are probably familiar with the concept of variables. Identifiers, as the name suggests are identifiers used to identify different pieces of information available in scenario builder where the values could change. Do not worry if you think this sounds complicated, an example will make it clear.

Let's build a scenario where we ask the caller for their name, and respond back with "Nice to meet you <<name of the person>>, I am glad to hear you are interested in our platform", just for fun.

First, let's create a "Ask Question" task on our scenario like in the following screenshot:

Screenshot 2023 10 08 at 5.57.12 pm

The second input box is the identifier. This is what is used to represent the name in the rest of the scenario. To test that, let's add a speak task as follows:

Screenshot 2023 10 08 at 6.00.26 pm

Do you see how we used the identifier $name from the previous task to speak out the name that caller provided during the phone call? This is what the conversation looks like after you activate the scenario and test it out:

Screenshot 2023 10 08 at 6.03.58 pm

There are a few other identifiers available in a scenario by default:

  • $call_from - The phone number of the caller, for example: +15555555555
  • $call_to - The phone that is receiving the call (agent's number). Same format as above.
  • $call_id - A unique identifier associated with each call.
  • $caller_name - A name associated to the caller, identified through your contact book, powered by echowin's automatic caller ID feature. If the caller's number doesn't exist in your contact book, $caller_name will return as "Unknown Caller".

The value of the identifiers represented in the $identifier format will be replaced by the agent during a conversation. You can use multiple identifiers in the same input field.

We will be adding more default identifiers such as caller ID name of the caller and other details in the future. Let us know if you have any suggestions.

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