In the world of echowin, Scenarios are dynamic flows that dictate how an incoming call is handled. They're a sequence of interactive steps configured to direct conversations based on various potential situations. Scenarios are block-based no-code tools that help you design conversational flows without actually getting your hands dirty with the technical stuff.

However, we understand the concept Scenarios can be difficult to grasp at first. As a result, we have come up with Cubie, your own AI solutions developer to help you set up Scenarios!

Cubie is your brand new AI assistant to help setup your echowin platform, particularly to design call flows for unique scenarios for your business. It is a conversational tool that helps you design Scenarios within our powerful Scenario Builder tool. Using the tool is a very seamless process. Need a new scenario? Simply ask Cubie!

Here is a demo of how you can converse with Cubie to dynamically generate awesome Scenarios for you business' call flows.

Talking to Cubie

First of all, you specify to Cubie what you need in a Scenario. Make sure to be specific in what you need, this helps Cubie generate Scenarios blazing fast and without confusion.

After this productive conversation, give Cubie a couple of seconds to fire up its AI engine and generate those scenarios for you. The following image shows a full blown Scenario conjured up Cubie.

Your Cubie-generated Scenario

And there it is. Building Scenarios for your business has never been easier!

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