Welcome to the Playground at echowin, your dedicated space for testing and refining your agent's response. This guide will walk you through the Playground feature, providing a step-by-step approach to familiarize you with its functionality through practical examples.

The Overview

Playground offers a controlled environment to simulate real-world scenarios and interactions. It allows you to adjust your AI agent's responses to align with your business tone and objectives. It proves to be an invaluable tool for fine-tuning conversational flows and ensuring to align perfectly with your business's tone and objectives.

Getting Started with Playground

To effectively use Playground, start by building a knowledge base for your agent. This involves:

  • Creating References: Populate the References section with frequently asked questions and their answers. Incorporate your business website as a Web Page Reference for retrieving information dynamically.
  • Developing Scenarios: Utilize the no-code, drag-and-drop Scenario Builder for crafting conversational scenarios or even easier, ask Cubie to create those by giving clear text descriptions about the scenario.

Testing your Agent

Imagine you're a client reaching out with questions for your business, just like in a real conversation. Ask Questions: Text your agent with questions or scenarios. You’d be happy to know that your agent understands high level language. It will respond based on its training from the references and scenarios you've provided. Keep your questions diverse to evaluate how well the agent handles different inquiries.

Here’s how you can navigate to the playground:

  1. Log in to your echowin portal and configure your AI agent. 

  2. Finally, head over to the Playground from the side bar. Or click on Training (your agent page) and then on the Playground section. Your agent is now ready to answer your queries!

Let’s take an Example:

Consider you're running a bakery and wish to use an AI agent for customer inquiries.

  • Add References: Include FAQs about your business, like your bakery’s opening hours and days of the week.

  • Create Scenarios: Design scenarios like order placement, allowing the agent to address queries or transfer calls to support if needed.

Using the Playground

In the Playground, simulate your scenarios and references. This direct interaction helps you inspect the conversation flows and adjust settings to ensure responses accurately reflect your business ethos.


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Refining Agent Responses

As you simulate interactions, identify areas for refinement. You can easily update references and scenarios from the Agents page. This iterative process makes conversations smooth and accurate.

Do remember that while the Playground is crucial for initial testing, conduct live call tests once to assess voice interaction elements. This holistic approach ensures your agent is fully prepared for real customer engagements.

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