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Ask Question is a tool in the Scenario Builder, and it does exactly what it is named as. With Scenario Builder, you can have your AI agent ask the callers a question to gather some information. These questions can be names, the department the caller wants to be transferred to, the location the caller is calling from, etc. To retrieve any important information from the caller, you can ask questions and save the answer for future reference. These answers are saved in Identifiers.


If you are familiar with programming or math, you are probably familiar with the concept of variables. Identifiers, as the name suggests are identifiers used to identify different pieces of information available in Scenario Builder where the values could change. To learn more about Identifiers, you can go through its guide.

Step by Step Instructions to use Ask Question Tool:

Let’s try an example where we use the tool to ask the customer for their name.

  1. In your echowin portal, click on the 'Training' tab in the sidebar. If you have multiple Agents, then click on the one that you need the scenario for.


  1. Then head over to the ‘Scenarios’ tab. 

Screenshot 2024 02 07 072859

  1. To add a Scenario, click on the ‘Add’ button. You’ll need to provide the description of the Scenario. In our case, we just want to retrieve the caller name for now. So you can name the scenario as “Getting the caller name”. 

Screenshot 2024 02 07 073335

  1. There is a ‘Run in specific hours’ toggle button below the description field. If you want the scenario to run only during certain times of the day, you can use this feature. Example: allowing call transfers only during business hours. This is how you can use it.  

Screenshot 2024 02 07 073930


  1. Click on the ‘Create Scenario’ button.  Your scenario will look like this with only a “Scenario Starts” button.  

Screenshot 2024 02 07 074201


  1. In the top right corner, there’s an “Add” button which has all the blocks you need to create any scenario. Click on it.


  1. Select the ‘Ask Question’ block. The block will be added to the workspace and you’ll be asked to provide the ‘Question’ and ‘Identifier’ for the block. Add the question and identifier for it.

Unnamed (1)

  1. You can also choose “Use AI to extract response”.  This will be helpful if you don’t want to record the entire response word by word, and only need the identifier value. Let’s turn it on and hit the ‘Save’ button.


Unnamed (2)

  1. Now we can start working with the blocks. First drag the blocks into place if they aren’t. 

Screenshot 2024 02 07 083435

There are circle points in the middle of the Scenario Builder tools that you can click on and drag to connect with other blocks.

From the ‘Scenario Starts’ block, click on the orange circle point and drag to the green circle point on the ‘Ask Question’ block. The two blocks are connected now.

  1. After joining the blocks, it should look like the figure below. And we’re done!Screenshot 2024 02 07 083938


Here are some examples of Questions and the Identifiers you can use in your scenario.

Q: Where are you calling from?

A: location

Q: What is your email address?

A: email


There are other tools in the Scenario Builder as well, like Speak, Send Text, and Send Email. These tools can be used together to create specific use-case scenarios. Using their combinations, you can ask callers for their information and send texts and links, answer customer queries, and so on. You can play around with these tools to create more complex scenarios as an exercise. 


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