AI Prompt Tool

Use AI to dynamically generate things within a scenario.

Scenario builder lets you build powerful call flows, specially with the help of tools like Evaluate and AI Prompt. The AI Prompt tool lets you use custom prompts within a scenario.
AI Prompt Tool

Once you give the AI a prompt and an identifier, it will store the response in the identifier. Then you can use the identifier in other tools like Speak or Ask Question etc. This opens up a whole world of possibilities. Let's create a new scenario that automatically finds which state the caller is calling from using their phone number's area code and tells you a joke about it.

  • Add a new scenario called "When a caller wants to hear a joke".
  • Add the AI prompt tool and connect it to the beginning of the scenario.
  • For the prompt, use "Based on the phone number $call_from, find which state the area code is located in and tell me a joke about that state".
  • Use $joke as the identifier.
  • Create a new Speak tool and connect it with the AI prompt tool.
  • Just type the identifier $joke in the Speak tool.
  • That's it!


Now you can call your agent and ask for a joke to get a personalized joke about your state based on your phone number. Amazing, right? The tool uses GPT-3.5-Turbo model, so any prompt engineering tips and tricks for that model will work here. OpenAI's official prompt engineering guide is a good place to start.

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