AI Prompt Tool

Scenario builder lets you build powerful call flows, specially with the help of tools like Evaluate and AI Prompt. The AI Prompt tool lets you use custom prompts within a scenario.
AI Prompt Tool

Once you give the AI a prompt and an identifier, it will store the response in the identifier. Then you can use the identifier in other tools like Speak or Ask Question etc. This opens up a whole world of possibilities. Let's create a new scenario that automatically finds which state the caller is calling from using their phone number's area code and tells you a joke about it.

  • Add a new scenario called "When a caller wants to hear a joke".
  • Add the AI prompt tool and connect it to the beginning of the scenario.
  • For the prompt, use "Based on the phone number $call_from, find which state the area code is located in and tell me a joke about that state".
  • Use $joke as the identifier.
  • Create a new Speak tool and connect it with the AI prompt tool.
  • Just type the identifier $joke in the Speak tool.
  • That's it!


Now you can call your agent and ask for a joke to get a personalized joke about your state based on your phone number. Amazing, right? The tool uses GPT-3.5-Turbo model, so any prompt engineering tips and tricks for that model will work here. OpenAI's official prompt engineering guide is a good place to start.

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