Ask Question Tool

The Ask Question tool in our platform allows you to dynamically ask questions to the caller during a conversation flow. This powerful tool enables you to gather relevant information or insights from the caller, which can be used in subsequent tasks or decision-making processes within the scenario.


Ask Question Task UI

1. Question: Enter the question you want to ask the caller. You can use identifiers from previous tasks by prefixing them with $, in your question. 

2. Question Identifier: Specify a unique identifier for the response to this question. You can reference this identifier in other tasks by prefixing it with $. For example, if you set the identifier to reason, you can access the caller's response by using $reason in subsequent tasks.

3. Auto Rephrase Based on Context: Enable this option to allow the AI to automatically rephrase the question based on the context of the conversation. This can help ensure that the question is phrased in a way that aligns with the conversation flow and makes sense to the caller.

4. Use AI to Extract Response: When enabled, the caller's response will be analyzed using AI to extract the most relevant information. This can be useful when you don't need the exact verbatim response from the caller, but rather a concise and relevant answer.


To use the Ask Question tool in your scenario:

  1. Add an Ask Question task to the desired point in your scenario flow.
  2. Open the task configuration and set the question, question identifier, and any desired options (auto rephrase or AI extraction).
  3. Save the configuration.

When the scenario reaches the Ask Question task during execution, it will prompt the caller with the configured question. The caller's response will be recorded and stored under the specified question identifier for use in subsequent tasks.

By incorporating the Ask Question tool into your scenarios, you can create more engaging and personalized experiences for your callers, gathering valuable insights and tailoring the conversation flow based on their responses.

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