Send Text

The Send Text tool in the Scenario Builder enables you to seamlessly send text messages within a scenario flow. This guide explains how to configure and use this powerful feature.

Send text scenario UI

Basic Configuration

Sending text to a specific number

1. Send Text To Caller:

This option determines whether the text message should be sent to the caller's phone number or a different number. When enabled, the text will be sent to the caller's number. If the caller has not previously consented to receive texts from your team, they will be prompted to provide consent before proceeding.    

2. Phone Number:

If Send Text To Caller is disabled, you can enter the phone number to which the text should be sent. As of now, texting is supported for numbers only in the US, UK and Canada.

3. Text Message:

Enter the text message you want to send. You can also access data that might have previously been stored in variables(called identifiers) by your scenario. 


To use the Send Text tool in your scenario:

  1. Add a "Send Text" task to the desired point in your scenario flow.
  2. Open the task configuration and set the desired options as explained above.
  3. Save the configuration and you are good to go.

When the scenario reaches the Send Text task during execution, it will send the configured text message to the specified phone number (or the caller's number if Send Text To Caller is enabled).

Additional Notes

  1. The Send Text tool leverages echowin's integration with the Telnyx platform for sending text messages.
  2. Sending texts to the caller for the first time requires caller consent to accept incoming texts, as per 10DLC regulations, conforming to which the tool handles the necessary consent check in such cases.
  3. Sometimes, messages may not get sent due to network or any other issues. Users are advised to add an appropriate task to handle such cases.

By following this guide, you can easily incorporate text messaging capabilities into your scenarios, enhancing customer engagement and providing a seamless communication experience.


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