Welcome to echowin! Our platform aims to be easy and intuitive to use. However, you might encounter some terms that may seem new. Here's a brief guide to help you understand them better:


With echowin, your phone calls will get picked up by your AI agents. These agents are powered by new generation of large language models that have logic and reasoning capabilities, and are much more capable than anything we have seen in the past.


This is the process of teaching your AI agent how to handle your phone calls. You can train them to understand your business with instructions and references, and to automate workflows using scenarios. We will talk about those below.


You can provide guidance to your AI agent on how to handle your phone calls. This is the same as prompting other chat based systems like ChatGPT. You can use this to guide the call, give your agent a personality and many more.


Think of References as the training material for our AI Agents about your business. From product details to office hours, any relevant piece of information in a Question-Answer format can help 'educate' the AI.


Scenarios are like roadmaps for handling various phone call situations. You can combine tools such as Ask Question, Send Text, Send Email, Transfer Call, etc to design customer journeys and cater to specific scenarios. The AI agent automatically knows when to start a scenario based on the caller's response. You can create multiple scenarios and the agent will intelligently orchestrate the call and run them as needed.

Scenario Builder

Our Scenario Builder is your canvas to create dynamic call flows. It's a no-code, drag-and-drop builder that lets you use various tools to effectively handle all call scenarios. You do not need coding or advanced technical knowledge to be able to create these flows.

Scenario Builder


Scenario builder is already an easy tool to use, but sometimes you may want to quickly create a scenario without even having to create a flow. Cubie is your own AI powered solutions developer that you can chat with to create whatever scenarios you would like.

Interactive Templates

To reduce friction even more, you can use our interactive templates. Our library of templates lets you pick a template and have a conversation with the template (powered by Cubie) to make it fit your specific needs.

Live Transcripts

Get a real-time view of the conversations between the AI and the callers with our Live Transcripts. Watch as the conversation unfolds and updates itself automatically.

Magic Contacts

Our built in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system provides you a quick and easy way to keep track of your contacts. With our Magic Contacts feature, your contact book will auto populate as new callers call your echowin agent. We even get their name automatically from their Caller ID when available.

We are just scratching the surface here. There is a lot more to echowin, and the rest of the guides will walk you through the rest of the platform.

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