Introducing The New AI Wizard - Create Powerful Voice AI Agents In Record Time

Kaushal Subedi

June 2 2024


When we started echowin, we set out to create the most powerful and modular call answering system the SMB market has ever seen. As a platform, echowin offers a lot of features and capabilities that make it one of a kind in the market. We noticed that the features and capabilities we have are like raw ingredients required for cooking, and you were the chefs cooking with the ingredients. We have decided to make everyone's life a bit easier. I am happy to introduce our new AI-powered Wizard that will help you set up your AI agent in record time, almost acting like a digital chef that can cook fully finished recipes for you.

The first part of the wizard understands what your business does and what kind of calls you're looking to automate based on the information you provide. This, along with any webpage URLs you provide, helps the AI agent fully understand your use case and provide correct recommendations through the rest of the steps.

Wizard Step 1

The second part of the wizard recommends frequently asked questions that your callers are most likely to ask you on the phone. This is ranked from the most frequently asked to the least. Once you answer these questions, your agent will be able to provide your callers with the most relevant information.

Wizard Questions

In the next step, we work on automating your workflows for your specific needs. The AI agent intelligently suggests top workflows like transferring calls, sending scheduling links, etc., based on its understanding of your business. Once you select the relevant workflows, you will be guided through setting them up per your needs with the help of our AI solutions developer, Cubie.

Wizard Scenarios

Once you finish setting up all the workflows, all that is left is the fun part. On the last screen, you will see your suggested greeting generated by AI to engage your callers as soon as the phone call is picked up. You will also see a suggested instruction prompt that you can use to tell the agent to behave in certain ways. Once you confirm these and pick a voice, your agent is ready to go.

Wizard Finished

We recommend going back to your scenarios and testing everything before deploying the agent to your callers. We see this new wizard as a key step in our mission to make generative AI available to businesses of all sizes, as it lets anyone build powerful AI call automations without the need for technical expertise. This is just the beginning, and we will keep working on adding more intelligence to the process to make it even easier than it already is. Please reach out to us with any feedback or comments, and enjoy building.

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