Zapier Integration

With our new integration with Zapier, you will be able to integrate your phone system with over 6000 applications, including everything from Google Sheets to AirTable and a lot more.

Zapier is a workflow automation platform that helps you automate workflows by connecting your apps and services you use. echowin supports various ways to connect with other applications via Zapier based on different triggers.

Getting Started

To get started, first sign up with Zapier if you do not have an account already. Once you sign up and get to the dashboard, click on the Create Zap button on your dashboard.

Screenshot 2023 10 06 at 10.12.49 am

Change the trigger to echowin. Choose the appropriate trigger type in the next screen.

Screenshot 2023 10 06 at 10.14.27 am

For the purposes of this example, we will be using Scenario Builder Trigger that lets you dynamically call Zapier trigger using the scenario builder. We will be building a scenario where we will collect the name of the caller and populate Google Sheets table.

Screenshot 2023 10 06 at 10.48.13 am

Click on Sign in to connect your echowin account with Zapier. You will be greeted with the following screen asking for your echowin API key:

Screenshot 2023 10 06 at 10.58.53 am

Go to your echowin customer portal's Integrations page to generate an API key, and paste that API key in Zapier connect window to finish setting up the connection.

Screenshot 2023 10 06 at 11.01.51 am

Let's create your scenario now. Go to your customer portal, click on Agents on the left sidebar, then Scenarios to go to scenarios screen and click add button on the top right corner.

Give it any name you would like, in our case we are going to call it "Caller is asking to be transferred". Once you create the scenario, we will start by adding an "Ask Question" task. Configure the ask question task to ask for the name of the caller and store that as $name identifier as follows:

Screenshot 2023 10 06 at 11.12.49 am

Then add a "Zapier Trigger" task, and copy the Hook ID that we are going to use to link your Zapier trigger with this scenario.

Screenshot 2023 10 08 at 12.07.35 am

Then go back to your Zapier window, paste the Hook ID that you copied earlier. This let's Zapier identify which scenario builder task the data came from. Press "Continue" to go to the next step.

Screenshot 2023 10 08 at 12.09.26 am

Click on "Test Trigger" button, then "Continue with selected record".

Screenshot 2023 10 08 at 12.10.13 am

Then click on Google Sheets on the next window to connect to it, and choose the "Create Spreadsheet Row" event.
Screenshot 2023 10 06 at 11.17.52 am

Hit continue, and connect Zapier with the proper Google Sheet that you want to see populated with data. Configure the action as shown in the screenshot below, with the Name field having the value of {{name}}. Do not worry about the warning you see when you use {{name}} in the name field. This is a dynamic value that correlates to the $name identifier we created when asking question in scenario builder earlier. Since this value is dynamic, Zapier does not know it exists till you try it out, but it will not cause any issues.

echowin will send all the dynamic identifiers available in the scenario to Zapier, giving you flexibility to use that data as needed.

Screenshot 2023 10 06 at 11.34.04 am

Click "Test" on the next step and "Publish" to publish the Zap.

That's it, your new Zapier integration is ready. Call your echowin phone number and ask it to transfer you to someone. The AI agent will ask you for your name, which will be stored in the Google Sheet once answered.

Screenshot 2023 10 06 at 11.37.02 am

I hope this guide gives you a good idea of how the integration works. The setup process for "Call Answered" and "Call Ended" triggers is even easier, as the hooks are automatically processed, and you do not need to manually add the hook to the scenario builder.

Here are some examples of scenarios that are possible with the Zapier integration:

  • Log all incoming calls to your CRM.
  • Collect lead information from your callers over the phone and add them to a Google Sheets automatically.
  • Get notified on Slack when a caller calls to ask for refund or returns.
  • Open your garage door by calling your echowin number.

We are working on adding more types of integrations, including ability to call webhooks directly from echowin (you can still do this today using Zapier). We are also working on adding more capabilities offered by the Zapier platform.

The sky is the limit with the integration between echowin and Zapier, as your phone powered AI scenarios are even more capable with ability to directly integrate with 6000+ applications. These include tools like Google Sheets, Airtable, Slack, Discord and a lot more. Feel free to play around with this new found super-power, and reach out to our support team if you have any issues, feedback or questions.

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