Web Page References

The question-answer pair model we created has their use cases when customers still have questions even after going through the information provided on your website. However, it can get monotonous when you manually input information already available there.

To save time and boost productivity, we are introducing Web Page References. This feature lets you directly add a web page link on your echowin platform for your AI agent to be able to answer anything mentioned there.

Necessity of Web Page References

Remember these references we created manually?


Business websites usually already have the answers to such questions. It is a tedious task for you to create references for every question a customer might have. By using this powerful feature, not only you but also your customers will be satisfied.  We have made room for many more questions a customer might ask by introducing this feature. 

Adding Web Page References: Step by Step instructions.

We are using a Web Page from our Guides to create a reference here. You can feel free to create references for your business.

  1. Go to your echowin portal, and click on Agents. Select the agent you created previously.
  2. Click on Web Pages to add a web page reference. Add the Web Page name, the URL to the Web Page, and any additional description you might want to add.Addwebpagepng
  3. After adding it, you’ll notice that it displays all the information retrieved from the website. You can refresh it if you like.Gettingstarted
  4. If you wish to test it out, go to Playground and start a new call. Your AI agent will immediately be able to answer any questions, the answers to which are on the Web Page.Playground

With just the references, your AI was smart, but now it has become smarter. This reduces work on your side if you already have an informational website for your business. If not, there’s always Text References!

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echowin has been a game changer for my parking company.  We get so many calls requesting information about our lots and parking rules. Now Terry, our echowin bot handles the calls. She answers questions, gives direction and is allowing our admin staff to focus on more important tasks.
Tylar Miller
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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
As a small law firm owner, it is difficult to manage the volume of calls we receive daily. echowin provides fast and personal responses to each of our clients. This maintains a healthy attorney client relationship. At the same time, it increases our efficiency when dealing with important calls.
Elliott Lipinsky
Law Offices Of Elliott Owen Lipinsky
Attorney For Selma and Montgomery, Alabama

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