Smart Transfer Tool

You will now be able to transfer calls much more intelligently with the power of AI. Smart Transfer tool in scenario builder lets you transfer calls to different departments, people or other groups based on the caller's intent. Let's explore how this works.

Smart Transfer Scenario

Let's take the scenario above as an example, which handles any situations where the caller asks to be transferred. Unlike regular Transfer tool that can transfer to a single number or locations, Smart Transfer can automatically match the caller's intent with the right place to transfer to. We will set up these transfer numbers:

Name: Sales

Description: Handles sales queries, questions regarding purchases and refunds. Members: Adam Smith, Joe Philips

Name: Support

Description: Handles support issues related to our product. Members: Jose Martinez

Here are some examples of this scenario in action:

Caller: Hey I need to talk to someone about my order, I need to return it.

AI: Please wait while I transfer you to Sales.

Caller: Can I talk to Joe?

AI: Please wait while I transfer you to Sales.

Caller: Can I talk to someone?

AI: What department would you like to talk to?

Caller: I need help with my laptop.

AI: Please wait while I transfer you to Support.


Caller: Transfer me

AI: What department would you like to talk to?

Caller: I need to talk to your CEO to tell him about this amazing 5 step company growth program I would like to sell.

AI: Sorry, I could not find a good option to transfer you to based on that. Could you please tell me where you would like to be transferred to?

Caller: F&$% I will not meet my quota this month.

As you can see in the first example, Smart Transfer can look at the context of the conversation to determine where to transfer to.

Smart Transfer

This is the initial screen you see when you configure the tool. Click the green "Add Number" button to add a new number entry.

Smart Transfer Add Number

Let's go over all these fields.

Initial Question: This is the initial question your callers will be asked if the intended transfer location cannot be determined based on the caller's previous responses. You may include some guidance here in terms of available options, for example: "What department would you like to speak to? You can say Sales or Support".

Name: Human readable identifier for your number. This could be a name of a department, person, location or any other grouping your company uses.

Description: This is the description that helps the AI determine when to transfer the caller to this number. You can include information here like the primary job functions of the department, names of people in the team, or anything else. Think of this as a prompt that will let AI match the caller's requirement with this number.

Phone Number: US or Canada phone number to transfer the calls to.

Smart transfers can be a great way to handle transfers within your company if you have a large number of options.

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