Instructions are your key to configuring your AI agent’s persona-  a feature designed to elevate your AI agent's conversational capabilities. It allows you to explain your brand voice to your agent, adjust its conversational style, tone, and the type of responses it provides. You can provide any type of high level instruction to guide the call flow.

You’ll find it somewhat similar to Custom Instructions if you are familiar with ChatGPT. You get a deeper, more intricate layer of customization.

Setting Up Instructions

Configuring Instructions is a straightforward process. Here's how to get started:

Step 1: Log into your echowin dashboard. Then, navigate to the Training page and click on the "Instructions" tab on top.

Step 2: Tailor your agent's responses by inputting specific Instructions. This customization can range from adopting a conversational tone to focusing responses on business-related queries. The aim is to enhance your agent's interactions, making them more engaging and relevant to your audience.

Making the most of System Instructions

These examples will give you a better idea on getting started with it.

Adopting a Persona

Prevent your AI agent from sounding automated or monotonous by injecting variety and personality into its responses. 

  • Formal and Concise: Limit your responses to only one sentence. Have a formal tone and casual inquiries to formal complaints.

  • Avoid pauses using filler words: While you are on a phone call, be casual. Include filler words like “umm”, “uhh”, "Just a second", “Hold on”  to make the conversation feel more natural.

  • Fun and Lighthearted: Be very casual, funny and lighthearted. Talk like a human would in a conversation with their friend. Portal Agents E3120765 0188 4ea7 A1be Fe89dfcd6a79 Playground(i Pad Pro) (1)

Other Examples

System Instruction that can help your agent be more sales oriented for potential clients calling your business:

  • Focused Responses: Prioritize business-related queries and maintain professionalism and refrain from expressing personal opinions unless relevant to the business. Instead give business offerings to them. Portal Agents E3120765 0188 4ea7 A1be Fe89dfcd6a79 Playground(i Pad Pro) (5)

  • Sales Oriented Response: Assist customers to find their ideal product or service, asking insightful questions and tailoring recommendations to their needs. Provide a warm, attentive sales approach, focusing on the unique benefits & values. Offer tailored solutions with enthusiasm, highlighting the unique benefits, features, ongoing deals and value of your products or services. Drive the conversation towards a sale by confidently suggesting the next steps, ensuring the customer feels informed and eager to proceed.



By tailoring your agent's approach, you're setting a new standard in customer service. Experiment with different instructions to discover the optimal setup for your business needs.

For more insights into crafting effective AI interactions, explore OpenAI's guide on Prompt Engineering.

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