References are question answer pairs in free-form text about your business, operation, product, services, policies, and anything else you want your agent to refer to. References serve as the knowledge base for training your AI agents, ensuring they're well-equipped to learn about your business.

Adding References

Step 1: In your echowin Dashboard, navigate to the Training Page and Click on the References button.

Step 2: To add a new reference, click on the Add button. This is where you will see the list of References you have created. 

Step 3: Input a question that your customers might ask.

Step 4: Provide a clear, concise answer as you'd like your agent to respond to callers.

Step 5: Hit Save to integrate this Q&A into your agent's reference database. Portal Agents 5176fa60 Ba21 4fc9 8ae0 8371f9288c7d References Add Reference(i Pad Pro) (1)

Best Practices for Text References

  1. Clarity and Precision: Ensure questions and answers are straightforward to enhance the AI's response accuracy.
  2. Avoid Repetitions: The AI is designed to understand and respond to variations of the same question, eliminating the need for duplicate entries. Your agent won’t speak the reference answer as it is, but will take that to form an answer in natural language for your caller.
  3. Selective Information: Omit topics you prefer not to address. The AI will gracefully inform callers of unavailable information.

Example References:

Let’s add some commonly asked questions as references. 

Q: What is the pricing of echowin?

A: echowin is priced at $49.99 per month, and you get a 20% off when you subscribe to a yearly plan.

Q: What countries are you available in currently?

A: echowin has expanded to the US, Canada, UK, Mexico, Chile and Argentina. We will soon be expanding over other countries. But you can call an echowin number from any country.

Clear and unambiguous questions and answers will train your agent better. If you have an extensive list of questions and answers (more than 100), let us know and we will upload those all at once for you. We are also working on features and tools to let you upload your documents directly as well as populate your references using your website.

An interesting way of giving text references is by giving Instructions to your AI Agent in the Answer portion. It doesn’t really have to be a straightforward answer. Look at this example, it will give a better explanation to it. Portal Agents 5176fa60 Ba21 4fc9 8ae0 8371f9288c7d References Bd384777 911f 41aa 8c40 F9656fb89854(i Pad Pro)

You would get this sort of response when you test it out in the playground. Portal Agents 5176fa60 Ba21 4fc9 8ae0 8371f9288c7d Playground(i Pad Pro)

These practices and examples highlight how Text References not only feed information into the system but also shape an intelligent, dynamic conversational pattern. By doing so, you're ensuring that your AI agent delivers personalized, relevant, and engaging customer service.

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