CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

echowin comes equipped with an in-house contact management and CRM system designed to help businesses efficiently manage their customer base and track important information about each contact. This documentation provides an overview of the CRM features and guides users through their usage.


CRM Features in echowin

1. Automatic Caller ID and Contact Creation

The echowin CRM automatically creates and updates contacts based on incoming calls. When a caller calls, their name and carrier information are gathered from the Caller ID (if available) and saved in the contacts. Please note that automatic Caller ID may not be available in all countries.

2. Manual Contact Creation

In addition to automatic contact creation, users can also create contacts manually. To do so, navigate to the Contacts section and click on the "Add Contact" button. Fill in the necessary information and save the contact.

Export Contacts

Your contacts can be exported in CSV format by clicking the "Export" button located in the top left corner of the Contacts view.

3. Contact Management

The CRM provides a central place to store and track important information about each contact, such as:

Contact Details: Name, phone number, email address, and carrier. These details can be edited by clicking the "Edit" button.
Blocking/Unblocking: Contacts can be blocked or unblocked by clicking the respective "Block" or "Unblock" button. Blocked contacts' calls will be automatically rejected.
Deleting: Contacts can be permanently removed from the system, along with all associated data, by clicking the "Delete" button.

4. Notes

The "Notes" section allows users to add and manage notes related to each contact. To add a new note, click the "Add Note" button, enter the note content, and select a note type (General, Info, Warning, or Danger). Notes can be edited or deleted using the respective buttons next to each note.

5. Stages

The CRM system allows users to define stages for their sales or service process. The current stage for each contact is displayed in a horizontal timeline. To change a contact's stage, click on the desired stage and confirm the action.

Managing Stages

Users can manage stage definitions for their entire team in the "Manage Stages" section. Here, users can:

- Add a new stage by clicking the "Add Stage" button, entering the stage name, and saving.
- Edit an existing stage by updating the stage name and saving the changes.
- Remove a stage by clicking the "Remove" button next to the stage name and confirming the action.
- Remove all stages by clicking the "Remove all stages" button and confirming the action.


Note: A maximum of 8 stages can be defined for a team. Always click the "Save" button to persist any changes made to the stages.

6. Timeline

The "Timeline" section displays a chronological list of all activities related to a contact, including notes, stage changes, and incoming calls. The events are displayed in descending order (most recent first) and provide a comprehensive view of all interactions and updates related to the contact.

7. Create CRM Note Tool

The Create CRM Note tool, available in the Scenario Builder, allows users to add notes to a contact's record directly during a phone call. Users can enter the note content, select a note type (General, Info, Warning, or Danger), and save the note. If the caller's phone number is not associated with an existing contact, a new contact will be automatically created with the name "Unknown Caller," and the note will be attached to that contact's record.


Learn more about this tool in this guide here.

The echowin CRM system is continuously being enhanced based on user feedback and feature requests. For any questions or support, please contact us at [email protected].

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