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The Transfer tool in echowin's Scenario Builder allows you to seamlessly transfer calls within a scenario. This guide provides an overview of this tool and its configuration options, enabling you to create effective call routing experiences for your customers.

Example Scenario


When configuring the Transfer feature, you have two options to choose from:

1. Phone Number Transfer: Transfer calls to a specific phone number.
2. Location Transfer: Transfer calls to predefined locations.

You can select the desired transfer type using the dropdown menu provided in the configuration interface.

Phone Number Transfer
Number Transfer

The Phone Number Transfer option allows you to transfer calls to a specific phone number. To configure this option:

1. Enter the phone number to which you want to transfer the calls. The phone number input supports US, Canada, and UK phone numbers.
2. If you have admin privileges, you can enable the "Use Identifier for number" option. This replaces the phone number input with a text box, allowing you to enter an identifier instead of a phone number.
3. Specify the pre-transfer message that will be played to the caller before transferring the call. This message can be used to inform the caller about the transfer or provide any necessary instructions.

Location Transfer

Location Transfer
The Location Transfer option allows you to transfer calls to predefined locations. To configure this option:

1. Add one or more locations to the location list. Each location consists of a name and a phone number.
2. To add a new location, click on the "Add" button and provide the location name and phone number in the respective fields.
3. If you need to remove a location from the list, click on the trash icon next to the location. Note that you must have at least one location in the list.


To use the Transfer feature in your scenario:

1. Add a Transfer task to the desired point in your scenario flow.
2. Open the Transfer task configuration.
3. Select the transfer type (Phone Number or Locations) using the dropdown menu.
4. Configure the transfer settings based on the selected type:
   - For Phone Number transfer, enter the phone number and pre-transfer message.
   - For Location transfer, add one or more locations with their names and phone numbers.
5. Save the configuration.

When the scenario reaches the Transfer task during execution, it will transfer the call based on the configured settings. The caller will be seamlessly connected to the specified phone number or one of the predefined locations. If its a location transfer, the AI agent will ask the caller which area they are calling from, so that it can transfer the call to the nearest location from the caller.

Additional Notes

- The Location Transfer feature requires an echowin Pro subscription or higher. If this feature is not available, please contact your account administrator or echowin support for assistance.
- When configuring the Location Transfer option, ensure that you have at least one location in the list. Attempting to remove the last location will result in an error notification.

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