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The Send Email tool in echowin's Scenario Builder allows you to send email messages within a scenario flow. This document explains everything you need to know about it including its configuration and use case.

Basic Configuration

Send Email Configuration

1. To:

Enter the email address to which the email should be sent.

2. Subject:

Specify the subject line for the email.

3. Message:

Enter the body content of the email message. You can also access data that might have previously been stored in variables(called identifiers) by your scenario. 


To use the Send Email tool in your scenario:

  1. Add a Send Email task to the desired point in your scenario flow.
  2. Open the task configuration and fill in the To, Subject, and Message fields as per your requirements.
  3. Save the configuration.

When the scenario reaches the Send Email task during execution, it will send the configured email message to the specified email address.

Sending email in a scenario

By following this guide, you can easily incorporate email communication capabilities into your scenarios, enabling effective messaging and collaboration with your customers or team members.


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