Switch Scenario

The Switch Scenario task allows you to dynamically switch the execution flow to a different scenario within the same conversation. This powerful feature enables you to create complex and adaptive scenarios that can seamlessly transition between different paths based on specific conditions or user inputs. It is your way of switching between different scenarios based on the caller's conversation flow.

Switch Scenario Flow UI

Basic Configuration


 Select the desired scenario to which you want to switch the execution flow. The tool will present a list of available scenarios for your agent, excluding the current scenario you are configuring.

Switch Scenario Task UI


To use the Switch Scenario tool in your scenario:

  1. Add a "Switch Scenario" task to the desired point in your scenario flow.
  2. Open the task configuration and choose the scenario you want to switch to from the "Scenario" dropdown list.
  3. Save the configuration.

When the scenario reaches the Switch Scenario task during execution, it will exit the current scenario and transition to the selected scenario. The new scenario will start executing from its initial task, allowing you to define a completely different flow or continue with a related set of tasks.

Additional Notes

  1. The Switch Scenario tool provides a flexible way to create dynamic and adaptive scenarios, enabling you to handle complex scenarios or user interactions more effectively.
  2. When switching scenarios, the tool logs the exit from the current scenario and the entry into the new scenario for auditing purposes.
  3. The conversation context, including user data and other relevant information stored in identifiers, is preserved during the scenario switch, ensuring a seamless transition.

By incorporating the Switch Scenario tool into your scenarios, you can enhance the overall user experience by providing tailored responses and guiding users through personalized paths based on their unique needs or preferences.

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