Pricing Structure Announced For echowin, An AI Solution To Automate Incoming Calls For Businesses

February 28, 2023
Pricing Structure Announced For echowin, An AI Solution To Automate Incoming Calls For Businesses

echowin, provides a very simple and transparent pricing plan and structure for all the customers as it has opened the platform for all on February 21st. For a monthly subscription fee of $ 19.99, customers can enjoy the premium power of echowin AI to automate their incoming calls. This fee includes all the AI Agent ‘Skills’ or functionalities that are currently available on the platform as well as 100 minutes of monthly call time. For any more minutes usage, customers pay 8 cents per minute. 

In the current world of complicated pricing and subscription models, echowin believes in providing maximum transparency and simplicity in plans and pricing as it further grows and evolves. To clearly provide this visibility, there is a pricing calculator provided for customers where you can use the slider to predict the monthly cost based on the usage.

echowin offers an exceptional value proposition to its customers for a minimal monthly subscription fee of $19.99. For such a low fee, customers will have access to a very powerful AI agent with the unique ability to understand natural language and cater to each customer's personalized needs. There is no product with such capabilities in the current market that any business can easily access. The current market solutions require dialing numbers, often fail to comprehend customer requests ultimately resulting in a frustrating experience. Despite providing such low value, these solutions are considerably more expensive and have complicated pricing structures. echowin will continue to maintain a simple and easily understood pricing as it evolves.

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Our AI-powered call management system simplifies your work by handling customer questions, business tasks, and connections for you. With our system, you can save time and focus on running your business, knowing that your call management is in good hands. Try it out and experience the power of AI-assisted call management today!

Fully Automated

echowin's AI picks up phone calls for your business so you can make better use of your and your employees time.

No Missed Calls

There are no limits to how many calls our AI can pick up at the same time, ensuring your business never misses a potential customer, 24/7.

Natural Language Understanding

Our AI does not answer pre-scripted answers, it understands your business and gives personalized and friendly responses to any questions.

Full Visibility

Being able to see how your customers are interacting with your business in real-time helps you make better decisions.

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